Natural Balance Dog Food Recall

by Jamie on June 27, 2010

Just a quick note to let everyone know about Natural Balance recall on June 18, 2010 for a positive test for salmonella. The food is very good and my dog is doing wonderfully on the sweat potato and bison formula. The lot of food was produced in 2009 and was to be used by 2011. Take a look at a this letter from the President of the company.

Click here Please be careful if you have this product at home and if you have fed it to your dog please see a Vet immediately and have him or her checked out!

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Dog Hot Spots

by Jamie on June 20, 2010

Hot spots  are the name for an area of a dog’s skin is  inflamed and infected. Dog Hot spots are actually a condition called acute moist dermatitis. which is an inflamed infected area on the skin. It gets worse when the dog licks and or bites the area and tries to heal it on his own. Dogs with thick coats like retrievers are particularly susceptible to this condition. The condition can be caused by several different irritates. An allergy to fleas or and flea infestation can cause it. Also simple  dermatitis and a number of skin and ear diseases can cause it to occur.

The Veterinarian will usually shave the hair around the area to help keep it dry and clean while the dog is given an antibiotic to remedy the infection. Dog hot spots can be serious if left untreated because they are an infection so be careful if you think your dog has one  and definitely get him or her to a Veterinarian and have it looked at and treated.

Swimming in ponds or lakes where beavers and or Geese  are active can also cause  dog hot spots. The bacteria the Beavers and Geese spread in their droppings can get on the skin and irritate it.

Dog hot spots can also be linked to on going ear infections and skin allergies which may result for an allergic reaction to a food or environmental issue.Testing is often done to determine the exact cause.Be alert and pay close attention to any of these signs of hot spots as they can be serious and cause your dog to become very uncomfortable. If left untreated they can result in a worsening infection on the skin and the infection can spread as the dog tries to heal it himself.

We found a video about dog hot spots and have included it here.

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I plan on feeding my dog Canidae grain free dog food.

Grains are not readily digestible to dogs. Grain free is good because it is easier on their digestive system. It is also good for dogs with allergies to grains. Higher quality foods may still contain grains, but they are more likely to be brown rice or barley. Lower quality grains are corn and wheat. Some dogs do well on foods with higher quality grains, while others need a grain free diet.

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The best dry dog foods are found when looking at the
hypoallergenic choices that are available.
As many pet owners have discovered, hypoallergenic dog food is much
better for your dog than other types of pet food.  This type of food is designed to work better
with your dog’s digestive system and to make him healthier than he would be on
a diet consisting of more mainstream food choices.  There are a lot of choices out there when
deciding what type of hypoallergenic food you believe would be best for your
dog.  The best way to decide is to do
research your choices and make your decision based on your dog’s own health
issues. [click to continue…]

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Vegetarian Dog Food

by Jamie on June 1, 2010

Vegetarian Dog Food

If your dog suffers from allergies due to the commercial pet food they eat, you may want to consider trying vegetarian dog food.  Just like humans, dogs can survive without meat because they are omnivorous, meaning that both animals and plants are primary food sources.

One of the most important aspects in switching your dog to a vegetarian diet is to incorporate the vegetarian dog food little by little.  Mixing small of the vegetarian dog food into the dog food you normally serve is a great way to get started.  For example, start by mixing 3/4 the amount dog food you use now with 1/4 the amount of the new vegetarian dog food you want to switch to.  Once your dog has become accustomed to their new food without any problems, continue this by making their meals half vegetarian dog food and half the dog food that you normally use.  Continue further by using 3/4 the amount of vegetarian dog food with 1/4 the amount of the dog food you normally use.  Eventually, your normal dog food will become vegetarian dog food! The key to successfully switching to vegetarian dog food is to make it a gradual process. [click to continue…]

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Sojo’s Grain Free Natural Dog Food

by Jamie on May 10, 2010

Sojo’s Grain Free Natural Dog Food

If you are searching for a more holistic approach to your dog’s food allergy problem, Sojos Grain Free Natural Dog Food Mix may be the hypoallergenic dog food your pet needs.

You see, Sojos is completely natural – no additives, no preservatives, no artificial anything.  Everything in the ingredient list is actual food that you’ve already heard of – like sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, celery, apples, whole eggs, flax meal, parsley leaf, calcium carbonate, carob powder, kelp powder, alfalfa, ginger root, and garlic.  [click to continue…]

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by Jamie on May 4, 2010

Click Here


Eagle Pack Dog Food Review

by Jamie on April 13, 2010

Eagle Pack Dog Food

It’s heartbreaking to watch your beloved dog suffer from food allergies. The diarrhea, bloating, vomiting, shaking, itching, scratching…the list of symptoms vary and are too many to list here.
If your dog has been diagnosed to have a sensitive digestive system, or as having a food allergy by a veterinary professional, try switching his food to Eagle Pack Hypoallergenic Dog Food. [click to continue…]

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I have a dog who is constantly licking his paws. I heard that this might be caused by a food allergy. What in dog food would most likely cause this? What is the best kind of food that I should give him instead?

The best food is one that he is not allergic to.

I don’t mean to sound silly, but an allergy could be caused by ANYTHING. The fact that he is licking his paws indicates to me that it is more likely to be a contact allergy, i.e. something he walks on.

See a vet.

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My dog is ready to start wheening her off her prescribed fish and potato diet of dry dog food. Do you have any ideas of what brand and type of dry food that would be best for her. She has been dealing with allergies and has been on shots for the past year.
The dermatogist could not find exactly what she is allergic to regarding foods. I wastold that there is no testing that can rule this out. She has been on the fish a potato doet for 1 year. She is allergic to mold, various grasses, and [click to continue…]

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