Ask For Help When Seeking Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

Ask for help when looking for hypoallergenic dog food. Some people believe they are on their own when they try to find a hypoallergenic dog food for their dog who is suffering from food allergies.  Your first stop should be your Veterinarian in order to determine that your dog does have a food allergy. I say this because he maybe suffering from an allergy that is not related to his food but rather is related to his environment. Just as with humans dogs can be allergic to carpeting, material in their sleeping area or in their dog bed,a substance that is present in their immediate living space such as a cleaning chemical or a shampoo that you are using or even drinking water and the chemicals contained in it can be a source of irritation.

Once you have determined that food is the problem you have several resources to go to for more information. Again your Veterinary should be your first source. Ask lots of questions in particular what ingredients are used any any food that is being recommended and how the food is made. Often high heat used in making dry dog food causes the release of chemicals which can cause irritation to your dog.Next I would suggest you seek out a small specialty pet food or supply store in your area. I am not saying that the larger chain stores are not also a resource but a smaller store will have more time to devote to you in helping you learn about what hypoallergenic dog foods they offer and what the pros and cons of each food are.

Smaller holistic pet food stores have really taken off in the last few years and even a store like Whole Foods Market is now offering a wide variety of natural and hypoallergenic dog foods. Also these smaller stores will often have in store events with Experts such as pet nutritionists and Veterinarians that specialize in holistic treatments for dogs.

So ask for help when shopping for a hypoallergenic dog food and investigate your local area for smaller specialty stores that have the time and knowledge to help you make an informed decision.

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