Dog Biscuit Recipe – Hypoallergenic Biscuits

Since hypoallergenic dog food is a great choice for your dog, hypoallergenic dog biscuits are just as good of a choice.  If you are feeding your dog this special type of food, why would you decrease the benefits of it by giving him a less healthy biscuit?  It is important not to introduce any bad ingredients or foods when feeding your dog such a healthy diet.  Your dog will enjoy the taste of these biscuits as well as the long term effects to his health.  My favorite biscuit to make for my dog is a combination of oats and molasses which we call her “Yummies”.

To make these “Yummies” you must make sure to use ingredients that you are sure your dog is not allergic to.  The recipe for these biscuits can be altered to fit whatever is best for your dog and whatever your dog likes.  I altered my recipe from the one I originally found online, because it called for quite a bit of sugar.  I don’t feel comfortable feeding my dog a large amount of sugar, mainly because I am worried that she will gain an unhealthy amount of weight.  Because of that, I replaced the large amount of sugar with a much smaller amount of molasses.  This allows her to still have a sweet biscuit, but at a much healthier level.

I combine around a half a cup of oats with a cup of oat flour, which is wheat free.  I add one egg and three tablespoons of olive oil to help her keep her coat healthy and shiny.  Two tablespoons of molasses and one half of a cup of water complete the list of ingredients.  I combine all of this into a large mixing bowl and mix it until it is thoroughly combined.  I then treat it like any other cookie dough and cut it into small shapes that are fun for me to treat my dog with.  Hearts and balls are our favorite shapes for these dog biscuits.

In the original recipe, it was suggested that I should cook the dog biscuits for fifteen minutes at 350 degrees in the oven.  This is another thing I have changed from the original.  I cook them at around 300 degrees for around ten minutes.  This leaves them with a slightly chewy texture that my dog seems to like much better than the harder variety.  This biscuit is my dog’s absolute favorite and she seems to enjoy them much more than she ever did the store bought variety.

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  1. Sam

    great info, I like the site.


  2. Mallory

    I just wanted to say that this is a great website! My dog is being treated for allergies and the biscuit recipe and the information is really useful.
    Mallory & Tobey

  3. admin

    Hi Mallory and Tobey,

    Glad we could be of help, that is our goal. Stay tuned for more great recipes and info.!Check us out on Facebook and join our fan page there if you like we have a fun contest coming in 2010 for dogs and there best friends.


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