Dog Biscuit Recipes that are Hypoallergenic

I wanted to take some time today to tell everyone about a great new resource for hypoallergenic dog biscuit recipes. It is a book called Boneappetreat, healthy recipes for your furry friend. This book  and it’s author Laurie Southall are just great. Laurie is from Canada and she decided to put together some hypoallergenic dog biscuit and treat recipes when her own dog, Stanley became allergic to wheat.She has privately published the book and sells it from her website in Canada.

Her recipes use no wheat, wheat gluten, dairy,corn, or soy. So she is definitely on the right track for making hypoallergenic treats. In her book of recipes she recommends all organic ingredients such as peanut butter, or almond butter, bananas, goat cheese, and a mineral broth that can be used instead of plain water for baking the dog biscuits and or can be added to the dog’s food. The broth can be made and like human foods then frozen for latter use, I recommend using an ice cube tray so you have several small portions which you can use individually at a latter date. Laurie has had some health issues of her own and has thoroughly researched her cooking methods.

As an example she mentions that using distilled water to make the mineral broth is the best way to draw the minerals out of meat bones as they cook in the broth. Also she tells you about extracting the bone marrow from the cooked bones as an added treat for your dog. Her peanut butter and banana biscuit recipe yields 200 biscuits and only uses very few ingredients and is easy to make. She also has a recipe for “Ruffogies” which is a take off on the Perogie.

It is made using organic goat cheese, sweet potato, spelt flour and sea salt, what could be easier? This recipe yields 100 biscuits. All in all Laurie’s book for making hypoallergenic dog biscuits and treats is excellent and also is very low cost. It is $14.99 and I am not sure if there is additional S&H on that and or tax. But I really would recommend it highly for low cost dog biscuit recipes that are healthy and that your dog will enjoy. Her website is  Pay attention to the ca. because she is located in Canada.

Here is a video of our own Chef Judy and her Friend Trey actually making the recipe dog treats from the book.

Also I wanted to let you know that we prepared some of the peanut butter banana biscuits for our dogs and they were a great hit, in fact now there is no going back to the old style of treats. Seriously folks an hour or so you can have 300 biscuits baked and believe me your best friend will thank you!.

Below are a few of the ingredients that can be easily found on if not available at your local grocery store.


  1. Philip

    Perhaps you can tell me where the source of your post is from? I am interested in learning a lot of regarding it.

  2. admin

    Hello Philip,

    If you read the post carefully you will see we are referring to the “Bonapettreat Book” from Canada. The book contains many hypoallergenic dog biscuit recipes. I believe it is available for purchase online or from the website.


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    Hi, I applaud your blog for informing people, very interesting article, keep up it coming 🙂

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    Very awesome article. It really helped me alot! Thank you!

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