Dog Food Review Ziwi Peak

ZiwiPeak Dog Food

If you are in the market for an effective hypoallergenic dog food that your dog will actually eat, look no further than ZiwiPeak Daily Dog Cuisine.  This dog food is absolutely and utterly amazing.

First, let’s start with the ingredients.  ZiwiPeak Dog Food is meat – pure and simple.  It mimics the diet of wild dogs.  Historically, dogs did not eat wheat, salt, sugar, or some man-made chemicals.  They ate meat – meat that they hunted in the wild.  That’s what ZiwiPeak is – “the raw without the thaw.”

The animals that provide the meat for this hypoallergenic dog food (venison, lamb, beef) are grass-fed in an antibiotic and hormone-free ranch environment in New Zealand.  The seafood ingredients (NZ mussel, fish/Hoki oil, kelp) come from the clearest blue waters of New Zealand as well.  Each ingredient has a specific purpose in the overall health of your pup – ZiwiPeak does not have anything in it that doesn’t benefit your dog.

ZiwiPeak Dog Food does not contain any fillers like grains, artificial colors, flavors, salt, sugar, chemicals or antibiotics.  And because it is specially formulated to meet the highly stringent nutritional standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for all life stages, you don’t have to worry about changing dog foods – ever.

Just because ZiwiPeak falls under the hypoallergenic dog food category, does not mean that you are limited to feeding it to allergy-prone dogs.  ZiwiPeak is not a prescription diet food – it is what your dog is meant to eat.

So whether you have a fussy eater, or a dog with gas issues, a stinky dog, a pooper, one with dry, itchy skin, or you simply want what’s best for your pup, give ZiwiPeak a try.  I promise your dog will love you for it.

Plus, it’s so delicious, I’m sure you’ll have a minor rebellion if you try to sneak in some of the “other stuff”.


  1. Amy

    We started feeding this to our dogs recently. Psychologically, I’m having a hard time thinking I am feeding them enough though. Do you recommend mixing this with something else to help fill them up? Or is feeding this food alone enough for them? Thanks

  2. admin

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for your question. We don’t give advice on feeding, since we are not professionals or Veterinarians. However I would be guided by the recommendations on the package. And if you feel its not enough check with your Vet. Sometimes dogs are much more active when they feel good and so burn up more food.My dog Trey is that way and being a chocolate Lab he is full of energy already. But when he started on Hypoallergenic food he gained endurance for swimming and so would lose weight. We adjusted his food and broke up his feedings during the day which worked well for him.

    Best ,


  3. DCV


    we feed this also and i was the same way. it looks like nothing, so i always wanted to giev them something extra to eat that day. but after a month and a half they look extremley healthy and dont seem hungry.

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