Eagle Pack Dog Food Review

Eagle Pack Dog Food

It’s heartbreaking to watch your beloved dog suffer from food allergies. The diarrhea, bloating, vomiting, shaking, itching, scratching…the list of symptoms vary and are too many to list here.
If your dog has been diagnosed to have a sensitive digestive system, or as having a food allergy by a veterinary professional, try switching his food to Eagle Pack Hypoallergenic Dog Food.

The ingredients in Eagle Pack Dog Food are all-natural and human-grade. Plus, the company adds vitamins and minerals – including at least eight holistic custom supplements – to make sure your beloved pet gets the most nutritional benefits from the food.

Some of the added supplements include digestive enzymes, which are beneficial especially to dogs with super-sensitive digestive systems. Eagle Pack also adds probiotics to reduce intestinal gas and prebiotics to increase the absorption of nutrients. Antioxidants are added to reduce skin, respiratory, allergy and immune disorders and to improve the cardiovascular and general health of your dog.

And if you are like most pet owners, you probably don’t enjoy smelling stinky dog feces. No worries here – Eagle Pack Dog Food has yucca in it to reduce the “stinkiness” of your dog’s excretia.

So if reading the ingredient list makes you say, “Wow – that sounds good enough for me to eat,” that’s because it is.


  1. Linda

    My Lab has food allergies. I have been feeding him Eagle Pack holistic select dog food for several years. Recently the holistic select line of dry dog food has changed. I think that Eagle Pack sold that line of business to a company called WellPet. In the process of doing that, the ingredients have changed. Within 2 weeks of my dog eating the “new formula”, his skin is terribly ichy, chewing his feet and scratching at his ears again!! I will have to go on the search for another food for him!

  2. admin

    Thanks for that information Linda. This is a problem. A good company sells a well known brand and then the ingredients change. It’s really all about the ingredients. Any corn, grain and fillers are bad, artificial preservatives are very bad so we as the decision makers have to be on watch all the time. I will leave your comments so others can be warned.



  3. Ruth Zeger

    I,too, have been feeding my wonderful 6 year old Golden Retriever Eagle Pack Holistic Select Fish for over 4 years. I was so happy to find it. The company recently changed hands and though Eagle Pack (now Wellpet who also owns Wellness) insists they have not changed the holistic dry food formula except to add canola oil, my dog says otherwise. From the first mouthful of the new product (in the new packaging), my dog, who has never been a fussy eater, started spitting it out as if it tasted bitter and then would eat it because he was hungry and it was all I was feeding him. I switched him to EP Holistic Duck and he spit it out too. Though he kept the food down, he started vomiting yellow bile early in the morning when his stomach was empty. His energy level went down, but it was a very subtle change. These symptoms started 10-12 days after starting the new formula food. I learned yesterday that he most likely has aflatoxin poisoning, pretty much a death sentence for a dog. Both Wellpet and the natural pet food store where I purchased the food insists there is nothing wrong with it. I know they’re wrong. The new packaged bags of food could have sat in a hot warehouse, growing the deadly toxic mold this summer, wating for enough of the product to be put into the “new look” bags to be shipped out to pet shops last month. I urge everyone to spread the word about the danger of feeding their dogs and cats Eagle Pack. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good. According to my vet, there is no FDA testing of small brands of pet food, and many of the ingredients come from the same distributers that supply the least expensive dog foods, which have had recalls. Eagle Pack is not the same product it was in the past. If you notice any unusual symptoms, suspect the Eagle Pack dog food, stop feeding it immediately, and have your vet run a liver function test. I am heartbroken.

  4. Ruth Zeger

    I have read that 4 out of 5 dogs are dead from aflatoxin poisoning 10 days after diagnosis. The ones that survive live with impared livers and many die of liver cancer. When told about my dog’s condition, both Wellpet and the pet store where I purchased the dog food told me they have had no reports of problems. They couldn’t get it through their heads that I WAS REPORTING A PROBLEM! The consumer needs to be warned of this dangerous situation with Eagle Pack.

  5. admin

    Thanks Ruth for this info. That’s why we are here to share information to help our dogs. Please post any other news you find out about so other owners will be informed.



  6. Jon


    I was hoping that more people would comment on this. I have been feeding my dock EP Hollistic Select for 4 years. I did notice that during the bag change in recent months that the vitamins stick to each piece of food better. I assumed this was with the help of the added canola oil. I do however have friends who also buy EP that say there dog reacts to it diferrently after the bag change so any more info on this would be great.


  7. Carla

    My dog who has never been a picky eater is spitting this out and refusing to eat. He has been on Holistic Select Duck and Oatmeal for 1 1/2 years and the change has been noticed since the formula change. Not sure if related but thanks for your posts as they are very helpful

  8. Robyn

    I am also have the same issue with the new holistic select fish formula. I have a 4 1/2 year old golden retriever with many allergies. I put her on this food 4 years ago and it has been a miracle unlti the company was sold. From the first week of the new formula I noticed changes in her stool. Runny, full of mucus, not eating as fast as she used to. I also have seen blood from her straining from the stomach cramps that she has. I too have had the yellow vomit and it scared me to death. She has even pooped in the house on several occasions which my dog has never done. This new food is a nightmare for me. I have been fortunate enough to find 4 bags of the old line at a pet store and I must say that with in a week she was back to her normal self. Formed stool, no gas and she eats like a pig now.
    My pet store tells me that the formula hasn’t changed but I can tell you all that it has. As pet owners we know our animals, and this company is obviously not caring about the pet owners and the dramatic change this food is now causing in our pets.
    I for one will never buy the new formula again. I will not support this company who has lowered their standards to make my dog sick. I have been trying her on a product called Taste of the Wild, which is fish basede as well, she seems to like it, I only feed it to her as her treat. Of course I was feeding her the Wellness treats with apple, yogurt etc and I will not feed her those any more ether. I hope that other people report their problems as well. This was not an easy site to find.

  9. Al

    Our 3 goldens, all adults, including one who has serious allergies, have been on Eagle Chicken/Rice Holistic for 4+ years with excellent results (small stools, no digestive issues, no reactions for our allergic male) and when Eagle sold out of this brand ’09, the formula changed for certain, we’ve had issues including our dogs wanting more portions then before and our one allergic male having many skin and itching issues after the company sold out and dropped the line. Truth be, no matter what the label says, the food has changed and not for the better! We’re looking now and will find another one that works fine and is of excellent quality!

  10. admin

    Hi Al,

    Yes we have had several people comment about Eagle pack food. My own dog was
    eating it,but as you say when it changed something wasn’t right. There are some brands reviewed here and we will be coming out with a guide to help people find good hypoallergenic dog food shortly so come back and check from time to time. We should have it up in about two weeks, it will be free to download or copy.

    Best Jamie

  11. Barbara

    My dogs had a violent reaction to the new food – all three were on the Eagle Pack Reduced Fat food for 2 years – bought a new bag last month -with new packaging and immediately, they had the runs and gas and bloating and itching and one of my dogs was actually eating his own stools…did an extensive search for different food and found FROMM’s Reduced Fat/Senior – I immediately took them off EP (no drawn-out switchover)and made the change to all Fromm’s. In 12 hours, all poop was fine, itchiness stopped and no more gas. Shame on Eagle Pack for caring more about bottom line profits. If you saved your receipts from buying the new food, take it back to the store – they will give you a refund.

  12. admin

    Thanks Barbara for the information! as you can see we have had a number of similar stories about Eagle Pack. It is a shame they switched and did not give any notice to loyal customers. Yes most good pet food stores will provide a refund especially stores that specialize in organic and all natural foods.

    Thanks for your comment!


  13. Patty

    Jamie, We were close to having our Cavalier put down when we finally linked his being sick to the food in the new packaging from Holistic Select. Had him on Eagle Pack for about a year and he was doing great, no more bile upchucks. While we were on vacation he got very sick. Lost weight, lathergic, had problems drinking water, saliva just drooled from his mouth. After 4 weeks on eggs, rice and chicken finally started returning to normal. While in the kennel he finished his first bag of Holistic Select in the new package, I stopped at the store to get a new bag. They told me that they were not going to be carrying the Holistic Select brand any more and recommended I give him Fromm’s. So I got a bag of each so that I could see how he liked the Fromm’s. The first few days we mixed them to feed him. He seemed to do fine on the Fromm’s and we started just feeding him that. When the Fromm’s was empty we went back to the Holistic Select and after about 1/2 of the bag he started getting lethargic and started the drooling again. The only change was the food. Took it back, told supplier and they are sending it back. I am sure they will find “nothing wrong” with the food. But if you are feeding your pet Holistic Select and he starts having problems, change his food and see what happens. I am convinced there was either something wrong with this food or my dog was totally allergic to something the new company changed in it.


  14. admin

    Hello, Patty,

    Thanks for your information. We always try to pass along important information that dog owners have about experiences with their dogs and food. Unfortunately as you see in this blog there have been several bad experiences with various foods. Particularly when the company changes the food ingredients or is bought by another company. Thanks again for the information.


  15. Greg Anderson

    This is HORRIBLE! I have been trying to figure out WHAT is going on with my 4.5 year old French Bulldog who has ALL of the similar symptoms as others have described above! I’ve taken her to the vet 3 times in the past 3 weeks and tomorrow is going to be #4 in 4 and every time they tell me it’s NOT her food and that it’s a skin bacteria or an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin, and then prescribe her ear ointments and body sprays and benadryl! I’m literally at my wit’s end and can’t stand reading that it may be her food??? First it started with the toe-licking but I thought nothing of it…then came the hot spots on her neck, then small chicken-pock like bumps on her back and in her crotch. Today I came home to find she had scratched at the bumps/hot spots on her head and was bleeding from the raw wound – it was another morning where she didn’t want to eat but I think her empty stomach won her over and she just had some dinner (of course I’ve been forcing her to eat so I can give her the meds!)…and while I was thinking about it, I started tracing back to when I FIRST started to notice something different…when the packaging on her Eagle Pack changed and the wet food was relabeled as “Holistic Select”!!! I have been feeding her a combo of the Original Adult Formula, small bites mixed with different cans of the now Holistic Select! As mentioned above, we ALL know our dogs and know when they’re not acting right!) – she would lay her ears back on a walk, act like she was getting bitten by something, then came the scaly scabs under her neck that turned into hot spots, then a shakey head (like she had something stuck in there) and of course the vet diagnosed a fungus/bacteria in the ears and prescribed ointment…so what do I do from here? How can I get this amazing little spirit (and her frustrated owner) built back up and healthy again???

  16. admin

    Hello Greg,

    Thanks for your comment and information. As you can see, from the comments here, many people have had problems. A food allergy is sometimes hard to diagnose and we here are only providing information not medical advice. However testing for food and other allergies be extremely beneficial. It can reveal the hidden causes of so much trouble. Also hot spots are related to skin irritations, which may or may not be caused by an allergy to food, if you scroll down our home page you will find a video about hot spots narrated by a Vet. I would try to find a Vet that takes a more Holistic approach. You may have to travel and it may be inconvenient but it could resolve many issues. Again it may or may not be the food or an ingredient in the food but it deserves further investigation and testing so you can up your dog on the right path to restore her health.


  17. Margaret

    Our 3 year old Great Dane suddenly became very ill mid August. We woke up one morning to find vomit all through the house. He refused to eat his food and would attempt to drink water but couldn’t hold it down. By the end of the day he began having severe diarrhea. We took him to the vet’s where he was put on an IV line and they immediately began blood and stool tests. After 4 days they put him on Royal Canin Gastro foods (canned at first and then they began to add solids) and we were finally, well over $1000.00 later, allowed to take him home even though we still didn’t know what was wrong. He was happy on the gastro food and regaining strength and routine. We finished his medi-cal food and weaned him back onto his Eagle Pack Original Adult Formula and within 2 days he was violently ill again and refused to eat or drink. We went back to the vets and discussed further what could possibly have caused this. I had recalled that about 10 days before becoming super ill he had started a brand new bag of his Eagle Pack food. (I have also found through reading on-line that it can take 10-12 days for an animal to show signs of illness from a bad bag of food) Right from the start of this pack he didn’t seem to want to eat it but did although at a reduced amount to what he would normally eat. So when we put him back on this food after his medi-cal and he became super ill again we really started thinking that this is the cause. Our vet said it is a very good possibility and we are now currently back on the medicated food but plan to put our boy on Hills Science Diet. This is what we feed our previous Dane and he never had one single health issue in his 10 years. We only had our new boy on it because this is what his previous owners had fed him and with adapting to a new home we didn’t want to change his food. With more than $1500.00 in vet bills in less than 2 weeks we are seriously regretting this decision.

    Eagle Pack should be held accountable for the serious illnesses their foods are causing our pets.

    Eagle Pack can deny it all they want but it doesn’t change what has occured.

  18. Pamela

    My 10 month old great dane has been on Holistic Select Giant Breed Puppy formula since May and had been thriving beautifully; growing nice and steady until this past month. From his late September vet visit to now he has suddenly lost 7lbs. With his last bag of dog food he went from eating 6 cups of food a day to less than 4 and refusing the remaining food. Strange part was he is still hungry and will accept any treats whole heartedly however he stopped finishing his food. I initially thought he was just addicted to his treats but after that bag was finished and now with the latest bag he has either refused to eat all together or vomited every time he’s eaten more than a few bites. Recently he got into the trash (because apparently he prefers trash over his Holistic Select at the moment) so I started mixing his food with a little water to bring out the smell and make it more attractive to eat, but once the vomiting episodes began we had his stomach xrayed to ensure he didn’t ingest something horrible from the trash or have a blockage. The only thing they saw was inflammation, no blockage or obstruction.
    Since that point I have been feeding him a bland diet to ease the irritation on top of his standard treats and he hasn’t had any episodes. He has never been lethargic or sickly, all episodes have revolved around his eating, so I’ll be introducing a new food tomorrow with no transition time as I feel whole heartedly that EPs Holistic Select is the cause of this mess and 1k of unneccesary vet bills. This is horrible when so much time and consideration was put into choosing what we thought was one of the best for giant breed pups to ensure he had the proper ratios of protein and fat, etc. to find out that so many more people have had similar problems with the new EP. Sad.

  19. Tasha Becker

    Our dogs were both on Holistic Select as soon as they were off their puppy formulas. We bought the anchovy and the lamb flavors to alternate. Everything was great until the last 6 months. Our 2 year old has a sensitive digestive system. This summer he started throwing up frothy yellow mucus on an empty stomach in the mornings. We didn’t know what it was and thought it was allergies or treats, but we didn’t think it could be the food. This fall he started being less energetic, and the frequency of vomiting was increasing. He started eating less and it was harder to get him to eat, we added other veggies and meats to the kibble so he would eat. Then last week our younger dog started throwing up in the morning. We knew something was going on because she has a ravenous appetite and no stomach sensitivities.
    I did some research online to find out that when they changed the packaging in 2009 they also changed ownership. The owner of the store we shop at, who feeds her dogs HS too, reassured us nothing had changed. There is NO WAY the food is the same.
    In contacting HS they are adamant that their formula has remained the same. They even recently sent reps to stores that stock HS to tell the owners that this is the truth. I am FURIOUS! I take the health of my dogs seriously and have spent hours online researching the best dog foods just to avoid a situation like this. I feel like we have been poisoning our dogs for the last year and are victims of fraud from the Wellpet company, which by the way, also makes the Wellness line of pet food.
    Last Friday was the last day we fed them HS. Saturday we started them on the Acana grain free line of food. They are already showing vast improvements in health. And no digestive side effects either. That amazed me. They are looking forward to meal time again, that is such a relief.
    What is going on with this? Has anybody gotten any honest explanations from anyone at Wellpet? I would like to know.

  20. admin

    Thanks Tasha, for your update. Yes unfortunately we have seen this before with companies. As you will see many owners have horror stories about how the foods the thought were the best were sold and became the worst. You must be vigilant and do your best to watch what is happening with the companies the are producing the food.

    I have found here in California a very good store that prides itself on knowing all about healthy and safe dog food products. Of course the owners are local and are devoted to pet health and well being. You would be amazed how many new customers they get coming from the super markets. Thanks again for your comment.

    We hope to incorporate our comments with the Face Book page in a week or two so everyone can follow when someone like you has something important to share.

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