Eagle Pack Dog Food

It’s heartbreaking to watch your beloved dog suffer from food allergies. The diarrhea, bloating, vomiting, shaking, itching, scratching…the list of symptoms vary and are too many to list here.
If your dog has been diagnosed to have a sensitive digestive system, or as having a food allergy by a veterinary professional, try switching his food to Eagle Pack Hypoallergenic Dog Food.

The ingredients in Eagle Pack Dog Food are all-natural and human-grade. Plus, the company adds vitamins and minerals – including at least eight holistic custom supplements – to make sure your beloved pet gets the most nutritional benefits from the food.

Some of the added supplements include digestive enzymes, which are beneficial especially to dogs with super-sensitive digestive systems. Eagle Pack also adds probiotics to reduce intestinal gas and prebiotics to increase the absorption of nutrients. Antioxidants are added to reduce skin, respiratory, allergy and immune disorders and to improve the cardiovascular and general health of your dog.

And if you are like most pet owners, you probably don’t enjoy smelling stinky dog feces. No worries here – Eagle Pack Dog Food has yucca in it to reduce the “stinkiness” of your dog’s excretia.

So if reading the ingredient list makes you say, “Wow – that sounds good enough for me to eat,” that’s because it is.