Hypoallergenic Dog Food At Walmart

Some people have asked what hypoallergenic dog foods are available at Walmart. There are a number of such foods at most of the Walmart stores.

Walmart Hypoallergenic dog foods
Hypoallergenic dog foods at Walmart

Veterinarians often recommend a food that uses a novel protein. By novel protein they mean a protein source that the dog may not have been exposed to in the past. This is often lamb, salmon, venison, or duck.In addition to the novel protein other ingredients such as sweet potato, pumpkin and bone broth are used.Lamb however has become a very common ingredient in commercial dog food today so often a dog may have been exposed to it in the past. Rice is also use together with the novel protein because it is seldom the source of an allergic reaction in dogs.

Dogs sometimes develop an allergy to their food over time and may have been eating a certain combination of beef, chicken and or lamb without reacting to it and then suddenly their body’s no longer tolerate those foods.

This is why fish is now used as a novel ingredient in many hypoallergenic dog foods.You will see salmon and trout used in place of lamb, chicken or beef. Other dog foods will include wild boar, venison and bison as the novel proteins in their dog food formulas.

The use of peas, chic peas and potatoes in dog food has come under some question by the Vetrinary community because those are not readily available in the ancestral canine diet. There is a theory that one or perhaps all of those ingredients might cause an allergy. Pumpkin on the other hand has been listed as an approved ingredient for hypoallergenic dog food because it seems to have a very good effect on the dog’s digestive system.

You can also find dog foods that are listed as human grade ingredients. As it sounds it means the standard of the ingredients is comparable to what humans would consume. Or what would be used in human grade food products.

Here is a list of what is currently available in most Walmarts.

Acana Regionally Inspired by the Grass-Fed Lamb, Nest-Laid Eggs, Trout & Game Bird from Kentucky’s Fertile Grasslands.

Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Beef Natural Dry Dog Food.

Merrick Grain-Free Real Duck + Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food. 

Orijen Tundra Biologically Appropriate Goat, Boar, Venison, Duck, Mutton.

Canidae Life Stages Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish Dry Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Zeal: Natural Human Grade Dehydrated Dog Food

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