Sojo’s Grain Free Natural Dog Food

If you are searching for a more holistic approach to your dog’s food allergy problem, Sojos Grain Free Natural Dog Food Mix may be the hypoallergenic dog food your pet needs.

You see, Sojos is completely natural – no additives, no preservatives, no artificial anything.  Everything in the ingredient list is actual food that you’ve already heard of – like sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, celery, apples, whole eggs, flax meal, parsley leaf, calcium carbonate, carob powder, kelp powder, alfalfa, ginger root, and garlic. 

Each ingredient in this hypoallergenic dog food has a purpose.  For instance, the vegetables and fruit provide essential vitamins and fiber that your dog needs for a balanced meal.  Whole eggs not only act as a protein source, but also help add a beautiful and lustrous sheen to your dog’s coat.

Flax meal is a natural antihistamine and also works to make the hair softer (among other benefits as well).  Parsley leaf helps freshen the breath so your dog doesn’t have the typical unpopular “dog breath”.  Calcium carbonate is just what it sounds like – a calcium source.  Carob powder adds flavor and gives your dog a little energy boost – it’s chocolate for dogs.  Kelp powder helps decrease shedding and has more vitamins and minerals than I can list here.

Alfalfa strengthens joints.  Ginger root is great for dogs with sensitive digestive systems as it “settles” the stomach.  Garlic is a natural flea and tick repellent, adds flavor,and has so many benefits, you’d need a book to list all of them.

Simply add the Sojos Grain Free Natural hypoallergenic dog food mix to some meat and a little bit of water or bone broth, and let it soak up the juices before serving it to your dog. Usually the dog will eat that with out a problem particularly if there is a tasty broth mixed with the dry food.

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