hypoallergenic dog food

Taste of the wild is a dog food which is available in most areas of the united states now. In this dog food review we will look at what types of protein they offer in their formulas and how they preserve the food. These are two principle areas where dog food can contain ingredients that may cause a food allergy in your dog.

Taste of The Wild  has several formulas which are all grain free and include wild meats and fish that are smoked. In addition there are fruits such as blue berries and vegetables including sweet potatoes and peas.

The meats used are bison,venison, lamb, duck, quail, chicken and turkey. The fish is smoked salmon. They also make a canned formula which provides a wet version of the dry kibble formulas. The meats are roasted or smoked and the fish is also smoked.

I have questioned turkey as an ingredient in dog food and in writing this dog food review I want to say that as most people know there is a debate about using it. However it is a wild protein source if used correctly and one dogs might well eat in the wild. However feeding your dog turkey which is full of salt and preservatives or has bones and fat can be extremely bad. Veterinarians do seem to agree that fat from turkey if fed in quantity can be harmful to dogs. So please pay close attention to what is being said in this review and if you have questions do speak with your own Veterinary about your dog’s diet.
Taste of the wild food is free of antibiotics and hormones. All of the  meats are provided by certified suppliers.
It also only uses natural extracts for preserving the dry food, such as rosemary,vitamin E and vitamin C
A feature I like about Taste of the Wild food is it lists the percentage of fat ,protein and also all  the ingredients.

Some ingredients not so common are the blueberries, raspberries and tomatoes as well as tomato pumice, or crushed ground tomatoes.As we humans know these are natural sources of  antioxidants which help the immune system and support over all good health.
When looking for a hypoallergenic dog food take a look at this one, again as we always say be sure to check with your ow Veterinary if your dog is showing signs of a food allergy. Usually the process of elimination can reveal what specifically the dog is allergic to.The is no question that the removal of grains, soy and chemicals from you dog’s food d food will certainly improve his or her health.