The Best Dog Food? May Not Be Eagle Pack Dog Food

Hello everyone this is a brief post to let you know again that we have had reports of dog owners whose dogs were doing great on the Eagle Pack food brand until the company recently changed it’s food formula.

You will see if your read on that dogs that were doing well had sudden problems crop up when they started getting the new formula of the food. The best dog food is the one that is right for your dog and one that is healthy for him or her. Unfortunately when owners take the time and effort to do the very best for their dogs food manufacturers fail them. Since many people today have realized that highly processed foods may not be good for anyone, humans or dogs a new practice is becoming  the norm. It is called what are the ingredients in my food and the food I am feeding my dog.

So shop carefully , read those labels and do support your local specialty pet food stores who will usually support you by giving discounts and also providing good information and education for pet owners. The best dog food comes from you the owner and your choices.