What is the best high protein, low carb dry dog food?

“My dog has lymphoma and a high protein/low card diet is recommended. Hills N/D comes in canned but not in dry. So what’s the best dry dog food available with this nutritional mix? Thx
low carB (not low carD)”

Actually HD is not a bad product for a canned food. A dry comparison to about 40% protein.
This is the ingredient list;
Beef, liver, rice, menhaden oil, chicken, chicken digest, iron oxide, dried beet pulp, cellulose, potassium
citrate, calcium carbonate, L-arginine, dicalcium phosphate, taurine, vitamins and trace elements.

Foods of this nature are meant to maintain quality of life for as long as possible with terminally ill dogs.

For nonprescription dry foods Blue Wilderness and EVO come as close as possible, and this is what these diets were designed for —- NOT for the feeding a healthy dog.


  1. Lioness

    Well, a raw diet would be best, but since you asked for a dry food I would suggest Taste of the Wild, Orijen, or another grain-free food available in your area.
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  2. ecrapper

    I would say Science Diet.
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    Personal Experience

  3. y

    good protein low carbs BENEFUL. HEALTHY WEIGHT FORMULA dry food.
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  4. Miss Britt

    taste of the wild is reasonable priced and i believe is the best
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  5. ShibaMom

    I would stay away from the Hills stuff it’s full of junk. For actual low carb high protein you can feed EVO and I believe Blue Buffalo also has a formula but it doesn’t have as high a protein level as the EVO.
    References :
    Owner of diabetic cat and refuse to feed the Hills stuff and research EVO and found it better.

  6. Dances With Woofs!

    Instinct is a good one.Before

  7. John

    Be sure the food is high in fat as well. As well the food should not contain fish as it can have high metal levels.

  8. Ron Chapman

    I feed merrick, turkey and sweet potato at the recomendation of my vet to help my older dog lose weight, Since januray he has lost 22 lbs, Coat is better no longer lame and has more energy. I highly recomend merrick grain free. Price is a little steep.

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