What type of Dry Dog Food is the best brand for a miniature schnauzer that is picky?


  1. bob ©

    one that doesnt contain corn, wheat, soy, or by products. see my answer to your other question.
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  2. Brianna N

    Ol’Roy dogfood
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  3. Holly

    Orijen is a great food for dogs of all sizes. It contains no grains, corn or fillers. Just 70% meat and 30% veggies and fruits. It’s great stuff. My dogs all love it and 2 of them are quite picky eaters. It’s very healthy for them. A little pricey, but worth it.
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  4. Rottie Lover

    Kirkland and Blue Buffalo are the best brands of dog food, in my opinion.

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  5. katierose626

    Royal Canin has a Schnauzer specific dog food that is formulated to address her breeds specific needs. It is very palatable and is a really amazing dog food.
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    I am a Veterinary Technician

  6. Robert

    Blue Buffalo
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