Dog Food Ingredients

dog food ingredients

Today we will be looking at the importance of getting hypoallergenic dog food made with only quality and limited ingredients! If you have a dog that is allergic to certain ingredients, hypoallergenic dog food is by far your best bet, but how can you know what is best for your dog? The two key words to remember here are quality, and limited. Why quality? The reason why you need to choose only hypoallergenic dog food brands with quality ingredients, is because the less specific and high quality the ingredients are? 

The more likely it will somehow affect your dog’s allergic sensitivities. The highest quality will be all-natural ingredients, with no artificial additives whatsoever. Some dog food brands use the cheapest ingredients that they can acquire, and this is definitely NOT SAFE for your dog! Think about it, if you had a serious food allergy, went to a restaurant, and they said they weren’t sure if their food was within your allergy specifications, would you be likely to eat anything from there that could have been cross-contaminated? Of course not!

That could spur a serious allergic reaction, and end you up in the hospital! Now think of that from your dog’s perspective, if he/she had to go to the vet, rack up expensive bills and the fact that you could lose your pet if they have an allergic reaction? All because you didn’t want to check to make sure the ingredients in the food you were buying were quality? that would be be terrible! So most definitely, make sure to only get the hypoallergenic dog food with the high quality ingredients.

Why limited? Why do you want limited ingredients in your dog’s food? Wouldn’t a bit of variety mean more flavor for them? Absolutely not! The more ingredients that are in your dog’s food, the more chances there are that one of them might conflict with one of your pet’s sensitivities! Keep it simple, keep it safe. Go for the foods that are limited in their ingredients, and try to aim for the more natural ones! There are many types of hypoallergenic dog foods out there, but the decision is truly up to you as to what would be best for your pet.

There are types of food that are sort of “pre-mix,” so you add your own meat to the food. Some people may be all for this, but just keep in mind that you’re adding an outside source to their food, and that meat might have had contact with one of their allergies at one point or another, so be careful! If you decide to go for pre-made foods, you have a lot more choices as compared to the pre-mix ones.

Many more companies create the pre-made packages with meat in them, as it caters to more specific needs. There are a variety of meats, from the usual chicken, beef, turkey, etc.; but there are even more obscure and uncommon choices such as bison, fish, lamb, and even more! But remember, when you are shopping for your beloved canine friend’s food, that not only is hypoallergenic dog food with limited and quality ingredients safest for your pet, but it will also give your pet a longer and healthier life by building their immune system and giving them what they need!

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