Hypoallergenic Dog Food And New Allergies

hypoallergenic dog food

Broken nails receding from tissue Hi to all readers and visitors to this site. Thanks again for all the information you have shared. I am writing today because I have some interesting news to share about dog food allergies  related to dog’s nails. My dog recently went in for his annual check up and the Vet noticed that his nails were cracked an worn in several places. Now Trey, my dog, is a rough and tumble chocolate Labrador Retriever He digs, he swims he chases balls, ducks , rabbits, fish, sea gulls and all kinds of things. So his nails are not usually salon quality. The Vet said it appeared that he may have had a nail fungus infection, which can result form his paws being wet  for an extended period of time or from an allergy to something in his food. Trey has been eating a hypoallergenic dog food but he also had spent two weeks on vacation with us sailing around the Cape Cod Massachusetts area. That meant wet feet every day, and with a dog you are more concerned with making sure their chest and body gets dry than their feet. So the verdict is still yet to be determined on the chipped and broken grayish nails. It’s not easy to see from the picture but his nails have a grayish color and the black hard shell is receding from the tissue under neath. Eventually the nail can fall off and expose the tissue. However the Vet also shared with me his view of commercial dog food.”it is mostly all hype not very good nutrition..” And he told me that he cooks for his own dogs. He told me once a week he makes a kind of baked casserole. I asked if he would share his recipe and he said that it was very simple. Brown rice or sweet potato as starch a good meat source such as chicken or beef,Organic of course, and then carrots and or peas. He mentioned that often home made food lacks the calcium dogs need and suggested unflavored tums is a good source. Simply grind up a few in a coffee grinder and add to the recipe. Then bake the whole thing in the oven and feed during the week. I thought many of you might like to know about both the home made food and the possibility that nail fungus infections can be a symptom of a food allergy. Once again as I always say we are not Veterinarians here just people who share our experiences and try to provide good information. So if you think your dog may have a similar problem by all means get him or her checked out by a Vet.

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