PawNaturaw Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Paw Naturaw is a company that has and is developing raw and dehydrated diets for dogs and cats. Their raw and dehydrated diets are all organic and what is unusual about them is the try as much as possible to source their ingredients locally. One of the new innovations they are developing is Elk meat. Which would seem to be a very good source of food for dogs and their owners who are seeking a natural and hypoallergenic  dog food diets. The company also sates that all their meats come form the United States, are human grade and most from documented family farms. This is truly an interesting fact. It sets this company apart from a very great number of its competitors. Here at the website we have not tried their foods but the diets they offer are certainly on our list for further investigation. Grass fed Bison is another ingredient that Paw Naturaw is using in its dog food diets. Again this would seem to be a very good and sustainable choice for a hypoallergenic dog food.

The story behind this company is an interesting one and one worth reading if you have a few moments. The owners and founders started the company because of what happened to their own beloved dog.They have made a very detailed and deliberate mission statement about keeping their ingredients, manufacturing process and  their facilities as environmentally friendly as possible. In other words they respect the environment and the food sources they use in their products. They make the statement that not only is the food sourced locally but also is humanely raised and is fed biologically appropriate food. The company goes all the way with using packaging that is recycled and even uselabels that are made from corn kernels.

This kind of commitment to developing and manufacturing hypoallergenic dog food and pet food is really inspiring and also shows that it can be done. Just as with our own human diets our dogs should have food that is appropriate for their digestive systems. We applaud Pawnaturaw and give them all paws up for what they are doing.

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