Vegetarian Dog Food

Vegetarian Dog Food

If your dog suffers from allergies due to the commercial pet food they eat, you may want to consider trying vegetarian dog food.  Just like humans, dogs can survive without meat because they are omnivorous, meaning that both animals and plants are primary food sources.

One of the most important aspects in switching your dog to a vegetarian diet is to incorporate the vegetarian dog food little by little.  Mixing small of the vegetarian dog food into the dog food you normally serve is a great way to get started.  For example, start by mixing 3/4 the amount dog food you use now with 1/4 the amount of the new vegetarian dog food you want to switch to.  Once your dog has become accustomed to their new food without any problems, continue this by making their meals half vegetarian dog food and half the dog food that you normally use.  Continue further by using 3/4 the amount of vegetarian dog food with 1/4 the amount of the dog food you normally use.  Eventually, your normal dog food will become vegetarian dog food! The key to successfully switching to vegetarian dog food is to make it a gradual process.

If you are considering making your own vegetarian dog food, many vegetarian dog food recipe books and websites are available.  Whether you are making your own vegetarian dog food from scratch or are going to add vegetables to your current dog food, make sure that the vegetables are chopped up and granulated enough.  Some fibrous vegetables may be hard for dogs to digest just by their chewing so mixing vegetables in a food processor until they are finely chopped is a great way to make digestion a little easier.

Dogs, just like humans, on vegetarian diets can lack certain nutrients normally found in meat.  To combat this, consider adding supplements to your dog’s vegetarian food.  Consult your veterinarian before adding supplements to your dog’s food and before switching them to vegetarian dog food.  Also, many vegetarian dog foods make up for the lost nutrients found in meat by adding soy.  If your dog is allergic to soy, carefully read dog food labels to make sure there is no soy or any other ingredients they may be allergic to.

Switching to a new food regimen, whether its vegetarian dog food or just a new brand, is a gradual process.  Give your dog time to adjust to the new food and keep an eye out for any negative side effects the new food could have on your dog.  As always, talk to your veterinarian when wanting to switch to vegetarian dog food to find the right plan that works best for your pet!



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