Healthy Dog Biscuit Recipes

healthy dog biscuit receipes

If you pick up any newspaper or magazine, you are likely to come across the latest information on diet and nutrition. Advice, tips and the newest trends are always hot topics.  But healthy eating and nutrition are important not only for you, but for your dog also.

While their digestive system and metabolism may be different than that of a human, especially depending on the species and breed, proper nutrition is important for every living creature.

If you are interested in healthy dog biscuit recipes, for example, where do you even begin?  Consider you dog’s overall diet, first of all. If your dog is on a specialized diet, you can still make use of many healthy dog biscuit recipes, it just takes a bit more planning.

Choosing the proper recipes can help your dog in many ways, from decreasing allergy symptoms to losing weight, or maybe it can even help your beloved friend to have more energy!

Treating your dog to a special goodie doesn’t have to be unhealthy or expensive if you make it yourself. Many healthy dog biscuit recipes can be made in either a small or large batch, and kept on the shelf, refrigerated or even frozen depending on your individual preference.

The materials needed for many projects will be fairly basic: an oven, if your treats require baking, a bowl, a spoon, measuring utensils, baking sheet, parchment paper possibly and an appreciative dog!

Common ingredients in homemade dog treats are yogurt, rice, pumpkin, egg-whites, , vegetables, cottage cheese, oatmeal or even baby food from jars. Food items such as fresh herbs from the garden may also be used, but it is wise to always make sure that a new food is compatible with your dog’s digestive system before introducing a large quantity.

So once you have made a list of what your dog can and cannot eat, go ahead and dive into some of the many healthy dog biscuit recipes out there, and take a trip into the kitchen.  Your wallet and dog will both thank you for your efforts!


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