Hypoallergenic Dog Food Reviews

Eagle Pack Products

My dog was eating several of the Eagle Pack foods until early last year.We had tried a number of different hypoallergenic foods because he had itchy skin and runny eyes as well as on and off ear infections.

Once his food was changed within a week we noticed a difference. As the food continued many of the problems dissipated and eventually went away.

My dog had changed to a different food when Eagle Pack made a change in the formula or processing of its food.But many of our readers noted their dog’s were suddenly sick again or their symptoms had come back. They attributed it to the change in Eagle Pack’s formula or processing.

This being stated we cannot recommend Eagle Pack foods at this time. If you think your dog may have a food allergy you should select a different food to try him or her on.

ZIWI Peak Dog Food

My dog has tried ZiwiPeak and had a very good experience with it. ZiwiPeak has several types of food with a variety of ingredients. Recently there were some bad reviews about Ziwipeak. However, I think they were unfounded do to my hands on experience with my own dog.

Understanding the food ingredients and the definitions of the products is also important. Many of the hypoallergenic dog foods are very expensive in comparison to a supermarket brands because again the ingredients are of such high quality.

It is my opinion that Ziwipeak is a good choice for your dog and a good choice for testing to see if a food allergy is what your dog maybe suffering from.Remember Always consult with a Veterinarian about your dog’s health problems.

Addiction Brand

This dog food is another New Zealand product and in fact this company has their own manufacturing plant in New Zealand.

Addiction was founded by a leading Holistic Veterinarian and Clinical Nutritionist who saw thousands of disease-stricken cats and dogs plagued with skin and gastrointestinal conditions caused by allergies to beef, chicken, lamb and artificial additives.

Frustrated by the lack of healthy food options, he set out with a mission to develop a range of ultra-premium dog and cat foods that contain no by-products, fillers or preservatives. He also utilized an innovative range of hypoallergenic protein sources to prevent allergies and promote wellness and vitality in pets.”

The Addiction range specializes in Premium Proteins and Game Meats such as Kangaroo, Brushtail, Venison and Unagi.

Premium proteins are hypoallergenic to dogs not previously exposed to them therefore provide a natural solution to dogs that are allergic to chicken, beef or lamb. ”

I have not personally tried this food with my dog, however it has a very good list of ingredients and the process for making the food is very good as well.

Therefore I would recommend it to someone wanting to try a hypoallergenic dog food. If you have tried it leave a comment about your experience.

Honest Kitchen

This is a food I would also recommend, as it has a process for making the food of using dehydration. This is a way of preserving food without adding unhealthy chemicals.

Honest kitchen has a good amount of information on its website about the food and how it makes it as well as what is in the food.

Again they offer several different types of food from grain free to meat and fish based. We have had no complains about this brand and so would recommend it for a trial if you believe your dog has a food allergy.

Again always check with a vet to make sure you are no over looking another health problem your dog may have.


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