Dog Hot Spots

Hot spots  are the name for an area of a dog’s skin is  inflamed and infected. Dog Hot spots are actually a condition called acute moist dermatitis. which is an inflamed infected area on the skin. It gets worse when the dog licks and or bites the area and tries to heal it on his own. Dogs with thick coats like retrievers are particularly susceptible to this condition. The condition can be caused by several different irritates. An allergy to fleas or and flea infestation can cause it. Also simple  dermatitis and a number of skin and ear diseases can cause it to occur.

The Veterinarian will usually shave the hair around the area to help keep it dry and clean while the dog is given an antibiotic to remedy the infection. Dog hot spots can be serious if left untreated because they are an infection so be careful if you think your dog has one  and definitely get him or her to a Veterinarian and have it looked at and treated.

Swimming in ponds or lakes where beavers and or Geese  are active can also cause  dog hot spots. The bacteria the Beavers and Geese spread in their droppings can get on the skin and irritate it.

Dog hot spots can also be linked to on going ear infections and skin allergies which may result for an allergic reaction to a food or environmental issue.Testing is often done to determine the exact cause.Be alert and pay close attention to any of these signs of hot spots as they can be serious and cause your dog to become very uncomfortable. If left untreated they can result in a worsening infection on the skin and the infection can spread as the dog tries to heal it himself.

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