How to chose your dog’s food

Dogs are a lot like humans when it comes to nutrition. They can live healthily eating an assortment of foods
like meats, vegetables, and grains. However, dogs just like people need a balanced diet. Their diet should
energize their activities, not make them overweight and prone to diseases like diabetes.

Many commercial dog foods are full of preservatives and highly processed. In fact, these so-called dog foods
are no better for your dog than trans fats are for humans! Before now, if you were not aware of the best food
for your dog, here are a few tips to help you make the healthiest choices.
Choosing Healthy Dog Food

-Realize that typically, the best percentage for a healthy dog food is around 50% meat and 50% vegetables
with no wheat, grain, or shoddy fillers. Select dog food near this food ingredient ratio.
-Make certain that meal protein and meat sources are at the top of the ingredient list. The meal is
fundamentally the pre-cooked meat, which guarantees that it will not decrease further through the cooking
process. You can search for at least three of the initial five ingredients listed as a type of protein such as
venison meal, lamb meal, and chicken meal.

-Grains can be a steady source of energy for dogs. However, they can be used as a cheap-filler to increase
dog food’s protein count. Be careful! Grains fed to your dog ought to be used in whole-form so that it
provides additional minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Frequently, cheap quality dog foods have one meat
ingredient listed first, which is then trailed by a number of fillers and by-products.
-Understand that preservatives might be essential in order to keep food safe to eat; however, it is not
necessary for preservatives to consist of artificial chemicals that may be the trigger of cancer-causing agents.
Shun dog foods that utilize chemical preservatives Ethoxyquin, BHT, and BHA. Vitamin C and E are perfect
preservatives that are much healthier for your dog.
-Select premium-brand dog foods, not economy brands. The cheapest ingredients are not the healthiest to
feed your dog.
-Try holistic dog foods; they are completely natural and very nutritious. In addition, they consist of human
quality ingredients.

The rule is quite simple when it comes to healthy food for your dog: do not feed them something you would
not eat yourself! Of course, there are a number of edibles that humans can consume that should not be fed to
dogs like onions, white flour, raisins, grapes, and chocolate. These are a NO-NO! Just be careful, and don’t
forget “not all food for humans is appropriate for dogs too.”

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