Your Dog And Their Nutritional Requirements

Any responsible dog owner should understand that their dog’s nutritional needs vary from their own dietary requirements.Humans have a wide and varied diet where as an animal is much more likely to eat just a restricted range of foods.

Most animals tend to be either carnivorous or herbivores.Humans are classed as omnivores and a small number of animals fall into this category.Our dogs will often have a similar feeding regime to us, by eating at  particular meal times, rather than having a need to graze.By eating meals in this manner the animal is highlighting that it is capable of consuming bulk amounts of food at specific times of the day.

We all lead busy lives and this can lead to us neglecting our pets diet. However, to be a responsible pet owner you really should place great importance on what you are feeding to your dog.Vitamins are crucial to an animal, and the majority receive all their vitamins from food.
Therefore, quality dog food is of paramount importance and our dogs are totally dependent on us to supply the correct vitamins and minerals through their food chain.Commercial pet food is perhaps the best way to feed your dog and by feeding a quality, Vet approved product you can be sure that each bowl full is healthy and nutritious.Visit any quality pet food retailer and you will be faced with a great choice of food for your dog. From dry food, to wet, biscuits to bones you really can feed your pet a lovely variety of healthy and tasty meals. Just go easy on the snacks of you want to avoid weight gain.Quality branded dog food is now very good and more often than not is scientifically supported. Just make sure you are buying a good product and shop with a vet approved pet retailer rather than a supermarket as you are likely to find a more premium product.If we ensure that our dogs are receiving the best ingredients, minerals and vitamins in either caned, dried or fresh form then we need look no further and know that we can provide a happy and healthy lifestyle for them.You may not have considered buying a premium, vet approved pet food before because of the perceived high cost. However, you need to feed much less of a premium product because it is packed full of essential ingredients and not filled with crumbs and grains. This means that the cost per bowl of food often ends up less than some of the supermarket brands and you are feeding a better product.

A responsible dog owner will want their dog to be healthy and happy and by understanding your dog’s nutritional requirements you are more than likely to achieve this.Remember that your dog’s health is in your hands, so it is your responsibility to provide good quality food at each meal time.

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